Facing Fears as an Entrepreneur

One of my closest friends is "hanging out her shingle" as an independent after spending her entire career working for large corporations. We've always texted fairly regularly but our conversations lately are less about our kids and more about self-employment taxes and setting up accounting software. To leave the relative comfort and paycheck predictability of the employee life is no joke and has me revisiting my own brave step into the world of entrepreneurship.

Customer Retention: 7 Ways to Better Manage Client Relationships

If your business keeps its customers happy, your profits could increase. In fact, research shows that a 5% increase in customer retention could lead to a 25 - 95% increase in company revenue. It's more costly to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. Think about what your business' customer retention rate measures: • Your success at attracting and acquiring clients • Your success at keeping those clients • Your success at building loyal fans who will likely recommend you to others

Can You Charge Late Fees on B2B Invoices?

The short answer is YES! If you're not already charging your B2B customers late fees on unpaid invoices, you should be! You may be concerned that a late fee could be damaging to your business relationship but in fact, it establishes you as a legitimate business owner. Are you wondering if you can charge late fees on B2B invoices? Read more to learn how and why you should. Yes, you can charge late fees on B2B invoices. Find Proof that You Should Be Paid It's really easy to take late or non-p

It’s Time To Celebrate The Comforts Of Fall

In some areas of the country, the temperatures have yet to drop below 90 degrees but even in the warmest of places, summer is winding down. When the first cool breeze arrives, we all know that it’s time to celebrate the comforts of fall. Your favorite coffee shops are bringing back everything pumpkin-spiced. There are Halloween decorations in stores and the leaves are changing color ever so subtly. Let’s consider our favorite things about autumn. I look forward to pulling out my knee boots eve

How To Meet Your Next Romantic Partner When Dating After Divorce

Are you new to dating after divorce? If you were asked how you met your previous romantic partners, you might say that friends introduced you or you were set up on a blind date. Recent data has revealed that online dating is now the most common way to meet new partners. In a survey of over 3,500 heterosexual couples, the data revealed: • By 2017, that number reached 39% and is still climbing. • For same-sex couples, that number has reached 60%. Because of the larger set of choices, meeting som

Why You Should Automate Your A/R Collections

If we lived in a world where every client paid their bill on time, we wouldn't have to talk about the "dirty work" of collections. Talking to clients about money can be uncomfortable, especially when you might be taking their non-payment personally. We recommend the money conversation early and often and we highly recommend following up on any invoices that are past due. You could automate your accounts receivable collections and save yourself a headache. Here's why you should automate your A/

What Do Your Wedding Rings Symbolize?

For hundreds of years, rings have been part of getting married in many cultures. Their significance, however, is much more than their financial value. They symbolize many things: a never-ending connection because it is a circle; the unique connection between two people; a signal to everyone that you’re committed to someone else; the tangible reminder of a solemn promise and more. Let’s dive into the historical significance of wedding rings and what they mean. It is believed that the earliest e

How Your Background Check Company Helps with Hiring Decisions

Once the hiring need has been established, a job description and listing is created to determine the right candidate for the job. During the hiring process, a candidate's information may be reviewed by everyone from recruiters to human resources to management. Along the way, the applicant may be subject to removal from consideration. The ultimate hiring decision, however, is made by the hiring manager who will be working with the candidate. If you've incorporated background screening in your hi

Why Your Clients Don't Pay On Time

There's nothing more frustrating than waiting for money. You've built a budget around it. You've planned purchases or payroll on the expectation of receiving it. You may have even noticed a trend of clients who seem to be nonchalant in getting you paid on time. You're pulling your hair out asking, "Why does this keep happening!?" Keep reading to learn why businesses fail to pay their invoices. Why Your Clients Don't Pay On Time It could be that the client isn't a fit for your business. They

How to Stay Positive in a Negative Situation

In every business and at every job level, there are negative situations. You may be faced with challenging colleagues or a client who's not holding up their end of a deal. It could be easy to loathe your job or let it get to you. You may then experience mental health challenges or problems with your home life. Or you could empower yourself and learn to face things with a different attitude. Your choice could change the outcome or launch you into something better. Here are 4 best practices to st

10 Ways Your Wedding Rings Could Bring Relief After Divorce

There’s no question that divorce is one of the top stressors in anyone’s life. Those going through a divorce are encouraged to take it one day at a time and to make self-care a priority. Because of the high intensity of emotions and navigating a new life, any relief is welcome. Did you know that selling your wedding rings could offer some relief after your divorce? Let Go of Sadness When you’re storing mementos from your wedding and marriage, you may also be symbolically holding on to pain, gr

After Divorce, What Would Marie Kondo Say About Your Wedding Memorabilia?

After a divorce, it can be challenging to discard anything that reminded you of your marriage. If you wanted the divorce, it may feel healing to blow up or trash your wedding dress once the papers are filed. For others, especially those with children, you may decide to save some wedding memorabilia for their memories or special day. The next decisions you must make are what to save and what to discard. Have you considered the KonMari method of tidying up your space? What would Marie Kondo say a

Taking Off Your Wedding Rings: When's The Right Time?

The first thing to understand about removing your wedding rings during a divorce or separation is that there is no right time. What feels right is going to feel wrong to someone else. As you’ll learn through the divorce process, you have to decide what’s right for you. That said, everyone going through this emotional time will handle the wedding rings question differently. Is there a “right” time to remove your wedding rings during a divorce? Is there a reason to keep wearing the rings? When

How to Make Extra Money After Divorce

With the holidays in full swing, it can be tempting to overindulge, especially if you’re going through a divorce. You may want to spoil yourself or your children so that the sting of life changes don’t sting quite as bad. The National Retail Federation is already predicting the average American will spend over $1000 on holiday shopping this year. It all feels good at the time but when the credit card bill arrives those feelings change if you can’t pay it off. You can avoid the hangover in Janua

What's Your Relationship With Money?

Divorce can feel like quite a shock to the system. Everything you thought you knew has changed. It may cause many to reevaluate their relationships with friends, family and themselves. You may also reevaluate your relationship with money. Because of the financial strain of divorce, and the division of assets, it may become apparent that you have strong emotions around money. In fact, finances could be the reason for the strain in your marriage. What is your relationship with money? If you chan

Can Small Businesses Compete for Employees?

At a recent lunch outing, I was taken aback when an employee of the Ike’s Love & Sandwiches shop asked me if I would like to add $.75 to my order so that they could get health benefits. I left a message on the company’s website because I thought that was an unusual question and moments later one of the company’s owners, Sam, called to explain. Sam described the difficulties in trying to attract employees to his small business. Health benefits are attractive to job seekers but often too expensiv

What Halloween Candy Reveals About Your Divorce

Tis the season – no, not Christmas yet – of Halloween candy. Whether you buy it at the store and eat it all before the trick-or-treating or your children bring loads of it home on October 31, there will be candy and it will be tempting. You may have memories of your own trick-or-treating fun as you watch your children choose which candy is their favorite, which gets thrown or traded away, and which ones they absolutely must share with you. The way a person handles Halloween candy may reveal a d

Financial Abuse is Domestic Abuse

Many of us instinctively think of domestic abuse as being physical. Society and the mental health field are increasingly recognizing emotional abuse as another form of control. Another form of domestic abuse, that can be quite damaging although it is less recognized, is financial abuse. Domestic abuse, physical, emotional and financial, is about power and control. When an intimate partner exercises control over your access to money and the way you spend your money, you may feel powerless and st

What’s the Emotional Value of Your Wedding Diamond?

When purchasing a wedding diamond, jewelers use a particular method for determining the value of the stone. Cut, color, carat and clarity are known as the 4C’s and are useful in examining a diamond’s characteristics and worth. If you’re in possession of a diamond engagement ring, you may view the stone differently than its physical properties alone. That piece of jewelry comes with a lot of memories. If you’re trying to decide whether you should sell your diamond, you may need to weigh its emot
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